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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 24, 2014 4:30am-4:58am EST

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>> this is good morning washington the. on your side. >> some said news. we will have the latest on the towns mayor. department -- d.c. fire department is dealing with the death that occurred near a station. let's get right over to jacqui jeras. she is in the weather center. changes ine some big the air. i hope you enjoyed the weekend. a nice taste of spring won't last through the work week. we did have a few sprinkles that moved across the region in the overnight hours. that is all pushed off to our east.
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we are done with any of that moisture. temperature wise, we will see much cooler conditions. it is 43 right now in bc with 37 at ellis. going to be breezy today and much cooler. it will be 20 degrees colder than what we saw saturday and sunday. it will be a chance of snow in the seven-day forecast. a losing the chill is going to stick around for the better part of the week. the road, let's up with amanda. are getting reports of a crash already working on 270 northbound. other than that you are pretty good to go. we will start with our traffic tracker. you can see he is moving at a good clip. x -- going toward mocon malcolm x. we do have a crash recorded at 270 north. at 370 four clark's
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berg. running intoto be some delays. it involves a tractor-trailer. 270 southbound, all lanes are open. we do have construction on rockville pike north. they're doing some emergency road repair their. this is just after twinbrook. the right lanes are going to remain a closed. 295 is moving nicely to the 11th street bridge. you onot a live shot for 65th and virginia coming in from fairfax. is he a steady stream of cars there. we want to start with a developing story. confirms of vice mayor
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that the mayor for more than a decade has died. we do not know the official cause of death. it was reported last year that she was battling lung cancer. dcp sarin investigating a deadly double shooting in southeast. this happened that alabama avenue sunday night. and killedwas shot person a second person was shot in the arm and the injury is not life-threatening. councilmembers are having a meeting about how firefighters did not help a man as he collapsed outside a fire station. the internal report was released friday. not.kie firefighter did the internal report recommended firefighters to be disciplined. >> another delay with metro
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sewer line. studio's circuit problems will further delays of certification. over for 90urned days of testing. -- one manphase munn open until the summer. montgomery county executives will have smart parking meters. .hey will accept credit cards public enemy number one is behind bars in mexico this morning. >> prosecutors are looking to extradite el chapo. mexico's mostfor wanted fugitive may be over. the fight over which country gets justice first is only beginning. the --all the us some of osama bin laden of jug trafficking. cartelthe kingpin of the
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response for 25% of the drugs entering the united states. in many states all want him tried in their jurisdiction. the question is whether mexican officials will release him. ask that they consider extradited him to united states or he will put in a super backs prison under tight security where he cannot escape. >> is being held this maxim security prison in mexico. 14 years ago, he escaped in a laundry basket. last week he slipped out of his hideout through this underground tunnel. safe. theyo not feel just becausetter he was arrested. >> this is the hotel room where he was finally arrested saturday
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morning. the kingpin was caught. many experts say his cartel will continue business as usual. the extradition is such a high-profile profile suspect before he was tried in mexico would be unusual. case is the exception. referees in the nfl could soon be throwing a few more of those flags. what they say. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf.f..
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is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gagas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ >> welcome back.
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it is not too bad out there. >> it is decent but nothing compared to the weekend. >> that is sad. biggest thing you're going to notice about the difference is the wind. it is going to be a blustery day. they're going to be some gusts around 25 miles an hour. inch to theh of an north of gaithersburg. that pushed off to the east now. if skies are not clear by your house they will be. expect a lot of sunshine throughout the day. look at that, it feels like
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eight in oakland, maryland. the windchill factor at dulles is 28 and 37 at reagan national airport. it will be cooler by 9:00. will be 47 degrees at 4:00. we are just shy of the average. we have some chances of snow in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> we do have a few minor problems in the morning commute. there were tractor-trailer accident on 270 northbound. the wiese at the traffic tracker up that way. you can see from a live shot along the parkway that it is very light as far as traffic volume goes. he is headed northbound. up over tog to head the crash on 270. this involves a tractor-trailer. as you come to gaithersburg, you will run into delays at the 370
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fly over area. the right line is closed. --sell pike northbound rockville pike northbound has some construction. only the left side is going by. all southbound lanes are open. shot theave this live gives you current conditions at the wilson bridge. very light traffic in both directions on the outer and inner loop. if you information on that crash, you can always put on 103 .5. >> thank you very much, amanda. the country of ukraine is on the hunt for its president who is gone missing. we are going to the live desk with more. >> jacqui jeras will be back talking about snow in the forecast.
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>> robert lyles is in the live desk with the latest information. ukrainian president has vanished. a ward for his arrest is issued. citizens are rating the
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presidential compound. once they got inside, all signs lavish lifestyle. there was a personal zoo, a golf course, and vintage cars. the president was last seen in the middle of the black sea. he released his security detail and drove off to an unknown location. the parliament impeached him. minister posted that an arrest foreign for him for mass killing of civilians. demonstrators have poured into the capital, welcoming back the former prime minister who was released from prison after being held for two and a half years. the speaker of parliament is now leading the country. the president refuses to accept the dismissal.
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comparesit a coup. he it to the not sees taking power. back to you. >> thank you, robert. mayor hasrginia is died. she was an officer more than a decade. it was reported last year that she was battling lung cancer. >> the d.c. council will meet to discuss the death of caesar mills. he died after collapsing just feet from a firehouse. they did not help him because it went against protocol. is recommended for the firefighters involved. to have expected another delay with the metro sewer line. circuit issues will further delay certification. phase one two west and man up open until summer. >> during our last winter storm,
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commuters were forced to walk in the streets is snow was not cleared from the sidewalk. montgomery county council members want to prevent that from happening again. >> it is been 10 days since the last snowstorm at the region. some sidewalks are still blocked by piles of dirt encrusted snow. this makes it hard for the elderly or people with disabilities to navigate where they need to go. storm,so bad after the pedestrians were walking dangerously in the roadway. >> that is a recipe for disaster. an advocate for safer sidewalks. the sidewalk is his mode of transportation. plow truck drivers are pushing feet of snow onto the cleared sidewalks and curb ramps. it was difficult, if not impossible, for him and others to get around safely. obstructionte the
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and the dangerous situation either procedure. has councilman reamer concerned. he has crafted a displacement would require the counties department transportation to have a sidewalk removal plan. this would lead to more sidewalks been cleared. >> people should not be homebound for several days after it snows. if you have mobility challenges, you should not be stuck inside when people are working. have theunty would responsibility of clearing snow away from hype you -- high priority per -- three and routes. -- pedestrian routes.
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this would not go into effect until next winter. the nfl is looking into a cleanup of language on the field. the cap edition committee is useing to punish players to gender related or racial slurs. officialeclined an statement. jason collins is the and of -- player.rst official gay he played against the l.a. lakers. he just wants to do well the court. went to get right over to jacqui jeras so she can talk about the weather. she is over at the weather wall. >> am i in the weather center?
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this is so much fun. we went to give you the big show at this time and give you all the details of what you can expect right now and the dad and the week ahead. overd front passed through the overnight hours. there were a few sprinkles. we did not see much in d.c. muchemperatures will be so cooler today and our winds are going to be rather strong. keep that in mind. it the windsor 12 miles per hour. it feels like it is in the 30's for much of the region. it is 36 in frederick and 39 in culpeper. temperatureshe dropping across the region. this is about a 20 degree difference in temperature from the weekend. high-pressure is going to build in behind this front. that is going to draw in the cool breeze. if you are not
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seeing stars right now you will of the next hour. we do have a few changes ahead. are we a couple of weak disturbances that may bring a chance of snow. it will not be a big deal. stay nice and clear today. overnight, the clouds will increase once again. tomorrow in the afternoon we could see a few flurries. today, it is mostly sunny and cooler. the high will be the mid to upper 40's. tomorrow a few flurries might be possible. our high on wednesday will only be in the 30's. snow and chance of rain showers on saturday. let's get the weight is -- latest on the roads. >> this is the start of the workweek. unto 70some activity
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north. we will start with her traffic tracker. is along 270. where started to build southbound the. we also have a crash working at northbound. there's going to be some delay. athas the right lane closed 370. he does look like it is in the clearing stages. we are standing -- sending our traffic tracker to check out some construction. open inhbound lanes are a montgomery county, maryland. things look great in both the virginia and maryland side of the beltway. there are no problems on 95 in virginia. we will head to our traffic tracker were he is on the outer loop. you can see current conditions. he is coming past new hampshire. there is very light traffic there. we have a live shot of 95 in virginia. there are light conditions there
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as well. things are soon to build on it to 70 in maryland. now back to you. >> a report to drastically affect the military. theig cuts could be in works. it is 39 degrees and we will be right back. 5:00, cameras on they buses are not just, are also
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going on trial. she was arrested in 2012. she slides -- sideswiped a tractor-trailer. she was slumped over a steering wheel at a traffic light. she says she may have taken ambien mistakenly. >> a proposal to shrink the size of the military is set to be released. the new york times says chuck hagel plans to eliminate an entire class of air force attack jets. the army will be shrunk to its smallest size since we'll were
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too. the military will be people of defeating any adversary. >> the world oldest known holocaust of iran's died. she spent two years in a czechoslovakian concentration camp. she was 110 years old. that hope you enjoyed weather we had over the weekend while it lasted. >> we are talking about snow again after the wonderful weekend. none of us wanted. winter is not gone just yet. jacqui jeras is back with


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